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Computer-Aided Drafting services include all types of manufacturing drawings. Drawings for patent ideas with complete security and confidentiality.

 House Plans we will have several standard house plans available to order online. These standard plans will be available in the next couple weeks. We will customize our standard plans to fit your needs and we will also do complete sets of custom plans that are provided by our valued customers. Please submit an E-mail for our services or call us direct. Also we can provide plans for remodels or additions, garages, barns, and all types of out buildings.

We can provide you with a list of building contractors in your area.

2D or 3D Drawings  Convert 2D to 3D Solid models, Convert all paper drawings to CD-ROM for easy modern storage. All Drawings per your Specifications.

Overflow Work  of All Types including any manufacturing drawings, machined parts, detail drawings, standard shop drawings with details,specs, and bill of materials.

Coming soon we will have some standard house plans to choose from or if you would like to modify them to make them your own custom home this is also possible.

Drawings provided on CD-ROM, Floppy Disk, or Plotted Sheets A to D sizes E size sheets upon request.